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Need more guidance on Custom Domains

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  • Need more guidance on Custom Domains

    Hello! I was reviewing the Custom Domain guides and information on, which is very minimal (can you please expand instructions here?), so I write with the other questions I have.
    1. I don't like watching videos for details, but the lack of information out there made it necessary in this case. In the video, they gave examples of Custom Domains that included adding something before your normal domain (e.g., as well as using brand new/different domains (e.g. It seems like there would be some limits to using a new/different domain, wouldn't there? Do we have to own that domain as well (if we don't use the first option of adding a word and a period before our existing domain)?
    2. Once you've set up a Custom Domain, can you update your donation pages to use that domain as well? I haven't dug too far into peer to peer yet, does it include the ability to build donation forms just like in the Campaigns section of Connect?

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    The domain registration is part of the set up process for the custom domain, so no outside steps beyond those outlined in the article are needed to register the new domain. A link to a donation form can be added to the peer to peer pages. When the donor clicks on the link it will bring up the donation form with the custom URL. However, the custom URL cannot be used for stand alone donation pages.