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Mailing vs. Billing Address on Form

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  • Mailing vs. Billing Address on Form

    I have a client that wants to ask for peoples' mailing address as well as their billing address, and they want the option to ask to auto populate one based on the other.

    For example, let's say that the billing info is filled in as someone makes a donation. We want a custom section below that has a checkbox like "Is your mailing information the same as your billing?". If the donor checks that box, then the billing info is auto-populated in the mailing address section.

    Is there anything on the roadmap for this?

    Currently there is no smooth way to replicate this. We can't pull information from the billing address section and we can't auto-populate the billing address fields with custom mailing address fields.The only way we could do this is have two sets of address fields (built in billing and custom questions for mailing) and force the donor to fill each set out independently.

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    Good day @[email protected]

    The option you are referring to is available in the Virtual Terminal of CONNECT and in SF VT as a Shipping address but not in the Forms. However, I have forwarded our developers to see possibilities to add that option in Forms in future releases.
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      Thanks for passing it along!