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Connecting SKU to a Salesforce Campaign

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  • Connecting SKU to a Salesforce Campaign

    Hello, We upgraded last night and we now see this message when I go to the Salesforce Campaign section: Salesforce campaign integration has been replaced with a more powerful Campaign SKU and Form SKU in Salesforce - Read More.

    From the article, I see that I can add the SKU to the basic information section. Where do I set up the SKUs themselves so that they are connected to a Salesforce Campaign? I ended up on this article about SKU schemas. I'm struggling to find the setting where I say SKU called "GEN" is equals this Salesforce Campaign.

    Thank you,


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    Good day @katieVNY

    With the new release, it is very easy to assign Campaigns based on SKUs. Once you define the SKU for Connect Campaign or Connect Form, you can map the Salesforce Campaign based on SKU under C&P Settings > Campaign.

    Here is the KB article you must review:

    Please review and let us know if you have any questions.

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