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Campaign and Form SKU Greyed Out

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  • Campaign and Form SKU Greyed Out

    The new options for syncing to Salesforce (Campaign and Form SKU) are greyed out so they can't be filled (even on new campaigns). I was able to join Live Support to report this issue and as a temporary workaround they suggested using the Primary Campaign Source mapping in Salesforce (and payment SKUs) to match to the right campaign in Salesforce.

    That works for the opportunity record. However, the Connect campaign is a pre-existing campaign that already had a SF campaign. So, the C&P transaction record attaches to the old SF Campaign (that I also can't remove), which then uses the wrong C&P Autoresponder content. Is there a way to clear the old field? I could try creating a new campaign completely from scratch, but it would be a lot of work to enter all my custom questions and I'm not even sure that the C&P Transaction would be attached to the right SF Campaign even then (since the new Salesforce package update has apparently been delayed to Wednesday or Thursday).

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    Good day @kwclick5

    Campaign and Form SKU have disabled it for now because with the new version of Connect if the Campaign SKU is added to the campaign, it will prompt for the Salesforce campaign ID information on the Connect campaign to be deleted and replaced by the Campaign SKU. Since the new version of our Salesforce apps, which includes compatibility updates for the new Connect has been delayed, this field has been disabled to prevent any adverse effects to live campaigns. These fields will be enabled once the update to the Salesforce apps is released. Hopefully, the release will be out by tomorrow or the day after.
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      That's extremely frustrating. If you know that the new way to map to Salesforce doesn't work yet, you should have left the old way enabled so we can change it instead of basically making the system unusable to create new forms (or edit existing ones). Right now this is blocking us from a planned fundraising appeal today, that we were creating a new form for.

      I guess I'll have to try and do something in flow to change that transaction campaign so we can send the right receipt out. Or we'll have to use a currently existing form to an old campaign (which isn't great).
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        Our extreme apologies - we truly understand but here is what happened..
        • Salesforce apps were scheduled to be released on Monday at 8 a.m. ET - they were packaged and ready to be uploaded to the appExchange on Friday.
        • The testing team identified an issue with campaign assignment in Event when Opportunity > Product has been enabled. The issue would have created a cascading update in PaaS and Event and as such it was decided to delay the release of Salesforce until the fix has been released.
        Sorry but there are so many test cases that this little issue, identified at the very last minute forced to stop the release. The logic of CONNECT with the new Campaign SKU, and Form SKU are at the core of the application and as such is part of the API servers, Receipt Servers, CONNECT and Forms and essentially every asset. Reverting it back after the Sunday release would have been a downtime for all assets to revert back.

        We could have made a decision to release the apps and then release another patch shortly after but our clients had to request update again and would have been a lot of work on their part.

        We are working and testing hard to ensure the platform is stable.. we are now in the final stages of the production release and will update all clients once it has been released.

        Once again sorry for the issue..
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          I understand that issues come up that need to be worked on, but this issue is causing significant hardship for us and basically forcing us to postpone a planned email appeal and physical mailing until next week, which will likely cost us in donations (not to mention staff time as there are other things we need to be doing next week). Obviously unexpected bugs come up during updates, but there are a lot of things you could have done prior to the update to notify stakeholders better.

          The messaging about the upcoming update was very vague at first and the more detailed information was also much too close to the release date (not to mention being more marketing focused than system administration focused). For an update of this size you should have given at least a month's notice (instead - the first I heard about it was a vague forum post on January 2 that said that more details would come later). The more detailed webinars held last week should have been held much earlier than 3-4 days before the planned release. I did understand from the webinar that we couldn't use the old way of doing Salesforce campaigns, but it wasn't mentioned anywhere that it was a possibility that the new way wouldn't work right off the bat either, so we'd be stuck not able to edit old campaigns or create new ones. If that was even a minor possibility, that should have been broadcast as widely as possible to give people time to prepare before the update.

          If we had known that, we would have planned to create all our forms needed for the next two weeks before the update, so we wouldn't be having this problem. I guess now I know in the future to treat every C&P update like a potential major breaking event and get things set up sooner, but it's frustrating that it happened at this point.

          Also, it would be helpful to have continued messaging after the update to let us know about some of these problems. There aren't any main forum posts about this, when I joined live support yesterday they did know about the Salesforce update being delayed, but didn't seem to know about why the Campaign/Form SKUs were greyed out. Information about this would have been helpful to have been posted in the forum under Maintenance or Updates, so that I didn't have to try and dig to figure out what the actual problems were.

          Hopefully, you're able to get the update completely fixed soon and it works as expected.
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