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Is there a way to make Phone a non required field in the billing section of a form?

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  • Is there a way to make Phone a non required field in the billing section of a form?

    A client is internally processing credit cards and due to the many custom questions per form, I instructed them to simply use the form, rather than virtual terminal, so that all of the mapping from the form can be respected. But they don't have phone numbers alongside the credit cards. Is there a way to turn off the required setting for any of the billing and contact information questions? Specifically the phone field. I don't see any access to the billing and contact fields in Campaign Settings or in the Settings area of Connect. It looks like the virtual terminal does not require phone so I can build some defaults that include custom questions, but I'm trying to provide them a quick solution until I can spend time on VT defaults.

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    Good day @[email protected]

    NO, in the Connect forms all the fields are required due to security reasons. Please note that the approach you instructed is also what credit card fraudsters use to validate credit cards on your site. Once you process a or two donations, our fraud scanner will block the entire world of that person. You cannot use a donation form to process donations on behalf of your donors.

    We have designed the virtual terminal, both in Salesforce & Connect so you can process cards on behalf of the donor without fraud.
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