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Security Violation as Decline Reason

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  • Security Violation as Decline Reason

    Hello - we recently had a donation that was trying to be processed but was declined. When I looked at the decline reason, it says 'security violation'. Can you provide more insight about what that exactly means?

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    Hi ,

    The messages provided in the Status Detail are the exact messages returned from the bank that issued the patron's credit card. They are custom from bank to bank, but are intended to provide additional detail as to why a card was declined. A "Security Violation" could mean many things, and may mean a different thing from one bank to another. But the patron will either need to use a different credit card, or call the number on the back of the card to get an explanation of the decline.

    Here's a blog article that is not related to Click & Pledge, but might be helpful in interpreting the meaning of different Decline Status responses (although "Security Violation" is not mentioned).
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