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Recurring Next Payment Date keeps resetting

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  • Recurring Next Payment Date keeps resetting

    One org I work with has a recurring gift program, and to help our bookkeeper, we schedule recurring gifts for the 5th of each month. For example, if someone started a gift today, I'd log into Connect to find the transaction > Manage Recurring and change the Next Payment Date to the 5th of July. Then all following payments occur on the 5th. Usually.

    There is a recurring gift that started 12/28/20. I changed the next date to 1/5, and then I had to change the next payment date after that, and so on (I didn't always change it each month, as you'll see). The most recent transaction for this "problem child" is number 27814-210605115651749. I know that I changed the next payment date to May 5th, then I had to change it again to June 5th, and now I'm going to have to change it again, but I thought I'd check with you to see if you can identify what is going on with this gift. You'll see that the Next Payment Date is now July 31, instead of July 5th as it should be.

    I change the date for several new recurring gifts each month, so this is definitely not usual/intended functionality.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Good day @jillifoss

    We have identified the issue and hopefully will be addressed in the next update.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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      Oh awesome, thank you! Glad it wasn't anything I was doing wrong

      Keep up the great work!