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SalesForce ProPay Report not showing all C&P transactions

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  • SalesForce ProPay Report not showing all C&P transactions

    We (Hackensackriverkeeper, Inc) use C&P as a SF front-end to collect payments.

    Starting 04/21/2021 payments entered through C&P no longer post to the "C&P Transactions" object.

    They do post to SF & etc.

    There's an error message in the transactions in the "C&P Data" object as follows:
    "The referenced Contact was not found. Please check the C&P Temporary Contact tab for clearing the transaction"

    I've reviewed the C&P documentation about the "C&P Temporary Contacts" object and examined the data. As far as I can tell the contacts should be matching.

    I should note that we use a SF customization created by Watergrass.

    Watergrass has done a review and has not been able to determine why the "Contact Match" is failing. (".... don't have insight into the C&P match algorithm ....").

    So: help is needed to diagnose the issue.

    What's the best way to proceed to identify the problem. ?


    Bill Meier
    Bill Meier
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