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Losing data over and over. Sick of it!!!

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  • Losing data over and over. Sick of it!!!

    I spent a couple hours wasting my time today.

    The data in custom questions has disappeared twice after redoing it. and Saving it.

    I duplicated efforts in entering 8 custom in a campaign then duplicated it.
    Here are the 2 campaigns.
    2021 Feb Fund Drive Internal
    2021 Feb Fund Drive P

    in the campaign 2021 Feb Fund Drive Internal
    I entered data into the Section
    One Time Amount or (12 x Monthly Amount)

    Saved it. Verified it, because it had already happened once.Then duplicated the campaign and renamed the copy to 2021 Feb Fund Drive Public.

    Then the data disappeared in both campaigns.

    Bill Sundahl | MID-COAST RADIO PROJECT, INC (33448)

    Please advise if this is site wide or if it is just with my account.

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    Good day @Bill Sundahl

    We reviewed your account and the campaign you are referring to but unable to replicate the issue as you mentioned above. We have cloned 2021 Feb Fund Drive Internal Campaign to "CnP Test Campaign" and it cloned as expected. We see all the custom questions appearing in cloned Campaign (CnP Test Campaign).

    Would you please share the complete environment of your OS and Browser so that we can test on the same environment?

    Note: You can delete the test Campaign created by us OR if you want we can delete it for you.

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      High Sierra
      Mac OS 10.13.6

      Chrome was the browser.

      I have since updated the 2021 Feb Fund Drive Internal and it saved the information.
      I will attempt to redo my work again on the 2021 Feb Fund Drive Public and see shat happens.

      Not sure what is up?