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Transaction shows up on Settlement report but not on Salesforce Report

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Incidentally, I noticed the version you are using is from last April. Salesforce has made significant changes to their Sites feature in the past year, which required multiple updates to our apps. Click & Pledge uses the Salesforce Sites feature to host images for its Autoresponders, Invoicing forms, and Event pages so that your organization does not have an additional cost for web hosting.

    I recommend that you consider updating as soon as you can, and do what you can to keep up with additional updates until Salesforce's 'renovations' die down.
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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Hi Monique,
    Found your problem:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2021-01-20_8-40-02.jpg Views:	0 Size:	130.5 KB ID:	57108

    The reason Craig's transaction did not show up in the report is because the record was not owned by you. It was owned by Kay, likely because she processed the Temporary Contact.

    It's always good practice to review a report's filter criteria when something is missing. Salesforce reports are very powerful, but little details like this easily happen.

    The report will be accurate most of the time; however, when it isn't - the reason is almost always the filter criteria. Here's a few things to ask yourself if the report does not match deposit information.
    • Did the transaction incur a "per transaction fee", even though it was not deposited? This can happen:
      • Declines
      • Pre-authorizations
    This fee data is not included in the transaction's deposit data, because the transaction wasn't included in a deposit. If your deposit is off by some multiple of 0.37 ( 0.74,1.11, ...), the first place to look is to see if there were any declines or pre-authorizations in the surrounding time period.
    • Were there credits issued that would skew this deposit?
    • Is an entire deposit missing from reports?
    ProPay deposit data is downloaded to your C&P Account (viewed with CONNECT), and then added to Salesforce transaction records.
    If you're missing the data in Salesforce, first check to see if the data made it to CONNECT:
    • [*=2]if report is in CONNECT, review the connection to Salesforce under CONNECT > Settings > 3rd party integrations > Salesforce connection. [*=2]if report is not in CONNECT, contact support to notify us the data is missing. There may have been an issue downloading the information from Propay.

    Hope that helps, Amanda
    C&P Live Support

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  • Transaction shows up on Settlement report but not on Salesforce Report

    When I ran this Report: C&P Transactions with Contact - Daily ProPay Bank Deposit
    one of the transactions (CNP:60252-2012212352458121281) did NOT show up on the report in Salesforce
    yet it shows up on the Transaction Settlement Report Sweep Date 12/22/20 ID# 2757193

    1) wonder why this happened, hope it doesn't happen again
    2) since I found it, is there a way to "add" it to the batch somehow in Salesforce?

    Org # 00Df2000001Mi48
    I'm giving you access for 1 week ~ thanks!

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