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  • Advanced C&P Developer Support needed

    We seem to be having increased complaints about declines, and then our customers having to work with their banks to get their CC reinstated. From our customers:

    Josephine T
    Dec 12, 2020, 4:15 PM (2 days ago)


    Thank you for hosting the conversation this morning. I found it very interesting and thought provoking.

    I have tried 3 separate times, on different days, to offer dana via the suggested website and have experienced difficulties, including having my credit card temporarily suspended. This may be a glitch with your system, as I am not having this problem with other online vendors. I spent more than half an hour trying to sort it out with my credit card provider and still haven’t been able to use your form.

    If there is another way to offer dana, from Canada, please let me know.

    I thought you may want to know that this has been an issue for myself and possibly others, preventing the offering of dana.

    Bobby M
    Sat, Dec 12, 12:34 PM (2 days ago)

    Hi Sage,
    I recognize you aren't the right contact for this, but I hope you can forward my message on to the right people.

    Your payment processing system is rejecting my donations. About a month ago, I tried to leave a small donation at , which was declined. My bank flagged it as unusual and put a hold on my credit card. I'm not sure you can do anything about that; apparently donations are common from credit thieves. Correcting the hold was easy.

    However, now any attempts at donation on that card are immediately declined on your site. I'm reasonably sure your credit card processor recorded that my card was declined and is not bothering to check now. I don't know how much this is costing you in donations, but you should push back with your credit card processor or find a new one.

    With Metta,

    21389-2012121605378253168 12/12/20 VISA-3168 Decline Donations Posted No $21.10
    21389-2012032028036310749 12/3/20 VISA-0749 Decline Donations Posted No $21.10
    21389-2011301323559470749 11/30/20 VISA-0749 Decline Class Registration Posted No $21.10
    21389-2011301322342333168 11/30/20 VISA-3168 Decline Class Registration Posted No $21.10
    21389-2011301321317053168 11/30/20 VISA-3168 Decline Class Registration Posted No $21.10

    21389-2012121222103905250 12/12/20 Bobby M VISA-5250 Decline Posted No $10.00
    21389-2011302111245085250 11/30/20 Bobby M VISA-5250 Decline Class Registration Posted No $10.72
    21389-2011302110516935250 11/30/20 Bobby M VISA-5250 Decline Class Registration Posted No $10.72

    If you could look into this ASAP, I would appreciate it. With more international customers, we are seeing more people not being able to donate to us, which causes much undesirable outcomes with all parties.
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    Josephine's transactions
    • 21389-2012121605378253168 - the reason returned from Josephine's card issuing bank was 'Do Not Honor'
    • 21389-2012032028036310749 - different card, also from Josephine's card issuing bank: 'Do Not Honor'
    • 21389-2011301323559470749 - another attempt on the same card, also 'Do Not Honor'
    • 21389-2011301322342333168 - third card, issuing bank of this card returned 'Do Not Honor'
    • 21389-2011301321317053168 - same 'third card', also returned 'Do Not Honor'
    Bobby's transactions
    • 21389-2012121222103905250 - Bobby's card-issuing company returned a 'Do Not Honor'
    • 21389-2011302111245085250 - same card, same message from card-issuing bank
    • 21389-2011302110516935250 - same card, same message from card-issuing bank

    You can find the response from the card-issuing bank under the transaction detail in CONNECT, or on the Transaction Detail screen in Salesforce:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-12-17_FRM 21869 Decline Status.jpg
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    We recommend contacting the donor/patron and asking them to call the number on the back of their card, to ask why the card was declined.

    It's important to use the number on the back of the card rather than asking them to call their bank: if the card is a debit card through the donor's local bank, the decline came from VISA or Mastercard that is 'backing' the debit card. Asking the local bank why the card was declined is likely to result in " the funds are available, so there should be no reason for the decline', whereas calling the number on the back of the card should get them to an agent that can review the date and time the attempt was made, and shed more light on the actual reason there was a decine.

    This is a common question, because the reasons for a decline can be very generic (as in, 'do not honor'), so I sometimes refer to this online resource that helps explain decline statuses and what they might mean:

    Credit Card Decline Messages: Everything You Need To Know

    Hope that helps, C&P Support

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