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Processing Alias overwrites Contact record with null values?

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  • Processing Alias overwrites Contact record with null values?

    My client seems to be reporting that when processing/copying information from the Alias Contact record to the Contact, some pre-existing information (email and phone) seems to be "disappearing". My guess is that C&P is overwriting the contact with null values if there is no value specified on the Alias. For example, if there is no work email on the Alias, but there _is_ a work email in Salesforce, when the Alias info is copied to the Contact record, the work email is updated to blank or null. Is this correct?

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    The app does not write over fields with blank values unless "manually instructed" to do so.

    There are checkboxes to choose which fields to update. Blank fields on the transaction are unchecked by default.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2020-12-07_FRM Copy Alias to Contact.jpg Views:	0 Size:	79.3 KB ID:	56602

    You may want to get a better description of what is happening. I suggest verifying
    1. that they are copying values from the alias to the Contact, rather than expecting "processing a Temporary Contact" to fill in empty fields on the existing Contact
    2. that they understand that NPSP hides the native Salesforce Email and Phone fields, and adds NPSP custom fields to the Contact layout to be more specific. You may want to review their Contact Mapping Settings in C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts to see which field Email and Phone are set to map to.
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      I think the mapping is where the problem lies. Thanks so much!