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Is there an integration with Quickbooks Desktop?

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  • Is there an integration with Quickbooks Desktop?


    We already integrate with Salesforce, but would like to also have the transactions integrate with QuickBooks desktop so we don't have to manually enter them.
    Is there some sort of integration?

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    "Integrating with Quickbooks" is kind of a vague reference. Everything depends on how you track your information and how you manage it in Quickbooks.

    Basically, you have 2 approaches
    1. You can work with one of our Partners to set up a complex integration, likely using another Salesforce app. One app I've heard does this is Workato. The end result may truly be that you don't have to manually enter transactions in Quickbooks. This is a costly option, since you would be working with a consultant on a major Salesforce customization project, and likely pay for a subscription to another Salesforce app.
    2. You can customize Salesforce so that you have a regular report to use for batch uploading Quickbooks entries.

    Regarding the second option, you then have a few approaches you can use from there.
    • Use a custom picklist field on the Opportunity to hold the Quickbooks code for that line-item of each C&P Transaction. Use SKUs to automatically set the value of this field when it is processed in Salesforce.
    Here's a Salesforce Trail for creating custom picklists: Get Started with Picklists
    About using SKU: Power of SKU
    • Use the Donor Management (PaaS) General Ledger feature to upload your Quickbooks ledger of accounts, and use the Opportunity Allocations available on the General Ledger tab to set those values. You can then use the General Ledger reports to upload batches of transactions to Quickbooks.
    Here's our documentation on using the PaaS General Ledger: Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P General Ledger
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      ok... thanks for letting me know some of the options