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Several questions around customizing a connect form

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @[email protected]

    Sorry, the customizations you are looking for are not available in the Connect form. However, I have forwarded it to our developers to see the possibilities to include in future releases.
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  • Several questions around customizing a connect form

    1. Is it possible to include hyperlinked text within a Custom Question Header or Custom Question Label?
    2. Is the ability to add a custom text block in the middle of the form on the roadmap?
    3. Is it possible to remove the Billing Information section altogether or fields within? I recognize that name and email are important for contact matching in Salesforce. But the client is not interested in collecting Address and won't be using the address fields in matching within Salesforce
    4. Is there a way to build in additive donations (similar to an event registration form) so that a donor can select a donation level that is predetermined and then ALSO include an additional donation amount in another field, and have that amount added to the original choice and processed