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ConnectSMS not working

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  • ConnectSMS not working

    ConnectSMS not working for new Twilio account and phone number.

    The company is MoezArt Productions. There is only one phone number being used from Twilio. Just set it up yesterday and everything seems properly connected.
    When the phrase "Talent" is texted to 928-363-6200, no response is received.

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    Ok. I will have to join Live Support today because our client wants to launch the giving campaign tomorrow


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      Hey Jeff, thanks for joining Live Support. Good luck on your fundraiser!
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        Thank you! Let me just say that this issue has resolved itself. Please consider the following:

        1) Include in your SMS instructions that it may take 12 -24 hours for the Twilio phone number to take effect


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          2) Also, include instructions to check the Message Logs at Twilio (Inbound/Outbound) to help with troubleshooting. Amanda at Live Support graciously pointed this out to me.