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  • Turn off reCAPTCHA?

    Hi, is it possible to turn off CAPTCA/reCAPTCHA on C&P Connect forms? I can't find it in the Campaign settings. LMK, thanks! -c

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    Good day catrina

    We wish we could remove every single security features in the form as that would mean there are no thieves or attackers. What a wonderful world that would be?

    Nonprofit forms are the number one target of security card validators that validate stolen credit cards to sell them in black markets. Scripts attack these forms and validate thousands of credit cards in a matter of minutes.

    We can remove anything one has added but that means you will be the target of attacks. These are all means that are added in reaction to attacks and are great deterrents for stopping script attacks.

    Sorry but they cannot be removed for your protection.

    Hope that has answered your question.
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      Got it — thanks! -c