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Click & Pledge Transactions not appearing in Salesforce

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  • Click & Pledge Transactions not appearing in Salesforce

    My organization is new to both Click & Pledge and Salesforce. We have linked our Click & Pledge account with our Salesforce account. However, when we processed a payment in the virtual terminal, it did not populate in Salesforce but charged the card. Any suggestions on what we did wrong?

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    Are you familiar with "Temporary Contact matching"?

    When users ask this question they often mean that they expected to see a donation/opportunity record and there is not one. There is a process the Donor Management (PaaS) app goes through when the data arrives in Salesforce. Simplified, it is like this:
    1. Creates C&P Data record (dump of the raw transaction data)
    2. Waits to be paired to a Salesforce Contact record, once paired- move to next step
    3. Creates a C&P Transaction Record
    4. Creates the Opportunity
    Paste the Order number into the Salesforce global search at the top of the page to see if you get any results. If there's only a C&P Data record, open it, and look for the Message field to see why Donor Management did not finish processing the donation into Salesforce.

    If the Message reads, the referenced Contact was not found, process the Temporary Contact
    For other messages, refer to our Troubleshoot Problems Posting to Salesforce article.

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