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Can a donor pre-authorize their self?

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    We do not have a way to allow the patron to pre-authorize the card themselves.

    Your staff/volunteers can pre-authorize cards in forms available in CONNECT, PaaS Virtual Terminal, Events Box Office, and Swiper1. These are only to be used by representatives of your organization.

    Here's some other ideas for ways to approach
    • Once a card has been used in our system, it is available as a "Card on File". Customers have used reports of "Cards on File" at events to let attendees know what cards could be used. This information could also be included as a mail merge - the only info exposed being the last 4 digits.
    • You could "pre-auth" additional cards for the event by only charging $1, and then using the card on file to make a sale. If this is a fundraiser, presumably the attendees expect to support your cause financially.
    • We have an integration with Zoom available for CONNECT. Some users have 'sold tickets' this way even though it was designed for donations. With the Zoom integration enabled, those who purchase through the CONNECT form are automatically registered for a specified Zoom meeting, and of course, their card would then be on file.
    • I see that you are also one of our Salesforce customers. We also have had users who provided the Zoom Join Link in their response emails after tickets are purchased. Events integrates with GotoWebinar as well.
    • We are seeing customers publish an SMSgiving QR code in presentations at virtual events. The attendee can then scan the code, send the pre-populated text from their mobile phone, and receive a link to the SMSgiving form. Items that could be purchased by any attendee (raffle tickets) could be sold this way. If you created an SMSgiving form for each or bidder number, the attendees text their bid number at the end of the event to 'checkout' and pay for the purchases.
    So while your patrons can't pre-authorize a card themselves, you still have a lot of options that are available to you.

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  • OLukeHCLT
    started a topic Can a donor pre-authorize their self?

    Can a donor pre-authorize their self?


    We are planning an online event based on an in-person event held annually. Normally, people would pre-authorize at checkin with swiper1 and then we would track purchases/donations through out the night and charge them at the end of the night. I would like to set up this online event as simply and similarly as possible to the in-person. Is there a way that a donor can go to a payment form and pre-authorize themselves online? I'm thinking they might be able to do that with the 'Allow Scheduling' box checked on the campaign set up but I'm not sure it that is the best solution, they don't know how much they will spend during the event so can the price be $0 and then add the total and charge after the event? Is there a better way to do this? Ideally it would be great if they could only get registered to the zoom mtg after pre-authorizing using the C&P zoom integration.

    Let me know! Any guidance is greatly appreciated,