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C&P embedded donate forms support "livestream/patron comments"?

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  • C&P embedded donate forms support "livestream/patron comments"?

    Hi there,

    My org typically uses embedded C&P donation forms, embedded on to our (Wordpress) website to accept donations.

    Well one of our donors wants to create a fundraiser for an event they're holding. I know C&P has a specific "p2p fundraiser" function, but I didn't want to use that for the first time since we just have the one fundraiser and we're all pretty low capacity right now so I wanted to stick to what we already know ideally.

    So what I wanted to know was - if we usually embed the donate forms on our Wordpress website rather than directing donors to our org within Connect itself (example), is there a way to also embed the livestream/patron comments portion of a campaign on our Wordpress website, as well as the donate form itself? Or does that "live feed" feature only really work if we direct donors to our campaign page as hosted by Connect (i.e. here)?

    I've perused several of the help articles about fundraising, live feeds, p2p etc and have yet to find one that answers my question about embedding specifically.

    Thanks so much

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    Good day @jackdunn

    Sorry, as of now, it is not possible to embed the live stream on the embedded page.

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