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Twilio integration not working

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  • Twilio integration not working

    I'm trying to set up SMS giving for a client, and completed all of the steps in the slides at Twilio shows my texts coming in, but I'm not receiving any response. The number is 9804148787, and the message is "bring hope". The Message Details page in Twilio shows the the message was received, that the Inbound Request succeeded ( — but the Request Inspector says "There were no HTTP Requests logged for this event.

    I found another set of Twilio integration instructions on the C&P support site that had a bunch of additional instructions for creating a new Messaging Service in Twilio's Programmable SMS section using the Site URL from Salesforce with a URL extension... But trying that didn't work either, so I removed what I'd done and made sure the instructions from the above support document were in place.

    Still nothing! Help!
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    NEVER MIND! Apparently, it just took time for everything to start working.


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      Thanks for letting us know your issue did resolve on its own. Browsers frequently "cache" old site visits to speed up how quickly they can load, but a lot of servers and services do this as well.
      But it can be a nuisance when you've made a change, and can't see the effects.
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