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    Hi there,
    I am trying to understand the "Make this donation anonymously" questions. If a donor says that they would like a donation to be public and gives information for their public name and comments, where does this information show up? Does this only show up on the C&P "Connect" site in some kind of feed? And is this feed just all donation that have been made through C&P (any organization, any campaign, any amount, etc) ? And do customers who have purchased a plan with C&P automatically have access to this platform? Can public names and comments be shared anywhere else (like say the organization's own site) via the form?
    Thank you.

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    The Live Stream is part of our Peer-to-Peer program for the campaign. It's only to publish the user and the face that they donated to the stream that is published for a campaign:

    As you're getting acquainted, I think you might find the help bubbles on the different areas helpful as that will help explain where you will see a particular feature.
    You might also want to try registering for one of our webinars or look at the Connect Webinar in the Webinar Archive.

    You do automatically have access to this peer to peer platform.

    You can create a Publish & Post site which gives you essentially the same peer-to-peer functionality as in the Connect Community, but without the C&P branding. You can embed this as an iframe in your own site, provided you have a secure site.

    The forms you build will not include the Live Stream feed.
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