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Do C&P iFrame widgets work as Facebook tabs?

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  • Do C&P iFrame widgets work as Facebook tabs?

    Hi there,

    The nonprofit I work has been really struggling with the poor quality of information provided by Facebook's donate function. Well recently I stumbled across a help article by Mobile Cause, another third party payment processor, with instructions on how to embed a Mobile Causes donation form inside a custom Facebook tab on a page, using iFrame. I immediately thought of Click & Pledge, because I use iFrames to embed your widgets into my org's website.

    So my question is, have you had any clients who have successfully been able to use iFrames to embed a C&P widget into a tab on their org's Facebook page? And if not, do you think it would work (obviously I know you can't account for Facebook's variables, but I am really not an expert in HTML so might have missed obvious incompatibilities)?

    I would be so excited to have finally found a workaround to bypass FB's donate function, especially since our C&P is already integrated with our Salesforce so it would save is a significant amount of data entry as well.

    Here is the guide I'm referring to:

    And here is a more generic guide on iFrames in Facebook:
    [tweetmeme] In March 2011 Facebook disabled the popular Static FMBL App that many nonprofits had used to create custom tabs on their Facebook Pages. Rather than having their apps be based on FBML, …

    Thanks so much for your time!

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    Yes. Facebook had a feature to add iframes on tabs, and I have successfully added a tab with a Click & Pledge iframe. I used an add-on called Static HTML.
    If Facebook still supports iframes, you should be able to add a C&P donation form.
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      Thank you! I'll give it a try