Never mind. I've been reminded that there's a "Payment Methods/Cards" section with each campaign.

Thanks anyway .....


Someone reported that they weren't able to make a donation on our website using their American Express card.

While I haven't actually tried to make a donation using an American Express card, I do note that on our web donation page only Mastercard and Visa show as possible cards.

(Note: I've verified that only those two cards show when I look at one of our donation pages within C&P [as opposed from the web server]).

So, I looked at our C&P Settings Accepted Cards page. All of the choices have a check mark.

I do note, however, that I can't uncheck any of the choices.

So, am I missing something or what ? (I haven't worked with C&P for quite some time).

Thanks in advance for your help

Bill Meier
Hackensack Riverkeeper