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Beginner Questions on Connect Forms

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  • Beginner Questions on Connect Forms

    1. How do I get enable echeck as an option? - I see other questions on this but couldn't find a solution that worked for my site.
    2. The Billing and Contact section seems to require an excessive amount of information. We only need first, last and email
    in addition to the Payment Details section. On previous post it says it is not possible to remove un-needed fields or make them not required.
    Is this still true? If yes, what is the reason? This info is not required for Salesforce Event payment.
    3. Can the connect button style be customized (rounded edges)?
    4. Is there a way to do test donations on your Connect page similar to Event Management?

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    Good day @slipsey1

    1. We have enabled the eCheck option for your account so that now you will see that in your forms once you enable it under the respective Campaign >> Campaign Details>> Payment Methods / Cards.
    2. NO, it is not possible. Due to security reasons, those all are required fields in Connect.
    3. Which connect button you are referring to?
    4. Not exactly but you can test it through Virtual Terminal by selecting the respective Campaign and process the transaction using custom payment type to see the flow of your data. (Custom Payment type method will be authorized the transaction without sending to BANK. There are no fees associated, as these transactions are not sent to the bank.)
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