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Load time on iFrame-d in donation pages

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  • Load time on iFrame-d in donation pages

    I was instructed to make a post on the forum after raising the question of load times on our web pages that had C&P donation forms iFramed in on the free support call this afternoon.

    According to the latest benchmarks for our focus areas, donors expect pages to load at less than 2 seconds, and any page our nonprofit uses iFrames to put C&P donation forms on our webpage, our load time tends to be 3 seconds or more. We'd like to see if there's any way this can be streamlined.

    For instance, caching does not seem to be widely utilized in the C&P system - is that something that could be improved?

    The TTFB for C&P iFrames is always over a second (it was 11 seconds on one recording!) so we'd like to get this streamlined as soon as possible.

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    We are looking into this and will get back to you next week.
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      Originally posted by CnP.LiveSupport.AB
      We are looking into this and will get back to you next week.
      Any news on this? It's been over two weeks.


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        Good day WTA

        Sorry for the delay in responding to this. The team was busy with the new GDPR release feature which is due tomorrow and had to stop reviewing your site and the issue being discussed.

        Please note that while it is easy to discuss CDN's as yet another acronym, CDN;s have a purpose and they are used extensively when they can be used. The forms cannot be placed in a CDN since the fraud system will detect all transactions coming from the cached pages. This causes a problem with the persona tracking. We do not discuss the dynamics of the fraud prevention but it is easy to imagine if our assets that are used in persona tracking are cached what will happen. CDN is used in places where a lot of traffic is present and changes to the content is not as critical as a form that needs to be changed and taken live immediately. There is a lot involved but I assure you we use CDN in many places in our assets.

        One of our developers reviewed your page and submitted the following report: The team reviewed your page and has identified a number of problems:

        Although there are many factors involved in optimizing the page. Slow loading can be due to application logic, database queries, routing, frameworks, libraries, resource CPU or memory starvation, etc.
        When there is a static iframe in a page, the page loads slowly because the iframe hurts the performance of the parent page. Technically it delays firing events of parent page until the iframe completes loading.
        Then secondly, events which need to load on iframe, even that get delays until the iframe completes loading. So, likewise both parent and iframe pages needs to wait until both the pages finish loading.

        To overcome this issue, we have already introduced our dynamic embedded code for our forms. To get an inline embedded code please follow the instructions here (

        How our Embedded code helps:
        Here in our inline iframe code we are generating an iframe when the parent page loads completely and fires our script. If you see our instructions, there is no iframe tag. You only need to add our script file and the placeholder. We also resize the iframe form based on the height of the content of our form. So, you don’t need to fix a height anywhere.
        You can also use our wordpress plugin where you can have more control on the forms. You can download and install it from here (

        If you still want to continue using the static iframe, you need to optimize below concerns.
        • Minify JS & CSS files.
        • JS Console Errors: Attachment - console_errors.png
        Click image for larger version  Name:	console_errors.png Views:	1 Size:	82.9 KB ID:	39611
        Solution: You need to fix these console errors which will help in loading the page faster. The problem is, while the DOM comes to specific line number which has error, it will recheck and waits until it finally confirms the error.
        • Ad Network files are loading from DOM, but we don't see any Ads running on their page.
          • Note: There are few Ad related files and requests found in the log which are coming from “AdRoll” service. But, there are no such Ads running on this page. We recommend finding the way if you can block loading these files if there are no Ads running.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	wta-all-assets-log.jpg
Views:	123
Size:	161.0 KB
ID:	39613

        We hope the above helps in speeding up the page. We are constantly working on streamlining the pages and ensuring the load time is minimized. We are constrained by a number of factors that are a bit outside the scope of a public forum. A revision of the forms is currently under testing that is minimizing the number of callbacks as part of the next major update. We believe the new updates will also help with faster response from the pages.

        Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.
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