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How to link question fields created in virtual terminal to Salesforce data?

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  • How to link question fields created in virtual terminal to Salesforce data?

    TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) Version: How can I get my virtual terminal to behave like the public donation form? Is there a way to load that form which is mapped to Salesforce in the Virtual Terminal?

    Hi all - I will try and make this scenario as simple as possible. I have a recurring donor and we just switched over from an old system to Saleforce NPSP and Click and Pledge. I want to enter in their donation details using the virtual terminal. If I could enter it on the nice shiny donation form I created, I would, as that is mapping correctly (or it will, just figured that out today!)

    However, while I have live credit card data, I do not have a cvv which seems to be a requirement for the public donation form. I do not wish to bother the donor as from their perspective, we are just switching merchant systems and their monthly gift is ongoing. Accessing Virtual Terminal on the Connect Platform, I have tried to create custom questions using skus that I thought were mapped to their NPSP fields through C&P Settings (Custom Mapping Section) e.g. questions asked like What fund would you like your donation to go to? with skus mapping to relevant fields (and this works when donating from public donation form), but it is still not happening on the virtual terminal end. The donation goes through but those bits of info do not come up in Saleforce. And I should clarify, I am not trying to map the donation to a recurring gift schedule created in Salesforce which was explained to me previously as not possible right now, but rather opportunity fields in Salesforce.

    Can anyone shed some light? I've gone around in circles looking at C&P guides, forum answers etc. Thanks for any help!

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    Good day @tmccarthy

    Would you please share the order numbers which has processed from VT as well as the fields you are trying to map? Please grant us login access to your Salesforce account so that we can review whats going on.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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