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  • Security for payment form

    It was brought to my attention that the embedded form on my donation page isn't a secure http link. Does that just not show on the page, but the upload of information is secure? Is there something I should be doing to indicate that the transaction will be secure?


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    Good day Kate

    First & foremost - all communication is secure given the form is an iframe. You are iframing a secure form and that form is on https://.

    I totally understand the concern your donor has and it is a legitimate concern. Security of your site is not visible to the end user since your site is not secure. You should have your web developer or hosting company add SSL to your site so your site appears as:

    I hope you see the issue. Your form is secure by itself but your main site does not give the impression of security.

    Based on our recommendation we ask that every site add SSL since majority of search engines will, in the near future, penalize non-secure sites. All sites have to have SSL key and given how inexpensive they are there is no reason not to do it.

    I hope I have answered your question.
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      Thanks - will do.