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  • Issuing Charitable receipts

    We have set it up so that charitable receipts will be issued automatically when donors donate $25+.

    If John Smith makes "one-at-a-time" (not monthly/recurring) donations of $10 in March, $5 in August and $10 in November - can we set up the system to issue John Smith charitable receipt once the $25 threshold has been reached?

    If this isn't possible - is there something I can do after Dec 31 of each year to find all the John Smiths and issue them charitable receipts with ease?

    With our monthly donors, we have set the system up to issue them charitable receipts once a year in January (they will all have reached the $25 minimum as they cannot donate less than $5 each month). Just trying to figure out what we can do with the donors who spontaneously donate over the year.

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    Good day Lyda

    Please post these messages to the appropriate channel & not the new ideas. I will move this to the Connect channel.

    This is not a feature that is currently available as, at the core, Connect (as of now) is not a CRM. By not a CRM I mean we do not know who John Smith is as that name is just a name in the system and an entry with each of their donations. We have integrated with Salesforce for this reason. In Salesforce (being a CRM) there is one incident tof John Smith and as such all transactions are associated with that individual regardless of their change of name, email, etc.

    What you wish to accomplish is truly something that is best accomplished through Salesforce. The issue is a bit more than recurring as an individual may have a recurring and also other donations outside the recurring donation and as such your end of the year notice needs to reflect all charitable contributions with the tax deductible portion.

    Hope that helps.
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      sorry about that. You are right. Too many moving parts. Getting confused about what is Click & Pledge related, Salesforce related and in this case (as it turns out.. a Canadian receipting app)