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    Apologies for jumping on this thread but I don't seem to have permission to start a new topic and this is fairly urgent - our donation forms are no longer accepting 4 digit cvv so none of our AmEx people can donate. Can someone please help with this? Thank you!!

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    Good day @morgan

    We reviewed your account and found that some of the Amex cards has been successfully Authorized and we see NO issues with Amex. The decline is from bank and the reason is "Invalid CVV". It seems that the patrons are not entering correct four digits CVV for Amex which causes the declined.

    Would you please confirm and ask them to enter four digit CVV which they will find on their card and process the transaction?
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      At around 4:15pm ET yesterday, our web developers were able to fix the form so that the form allowed the 4 digit cvv. As I said before, *the form itself would only accept 3 digits* so no AmEx users were able to properly enter their security codes.