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Resetting the recurring payment

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  • Resetting the recurring payment

    We had a donor whose card was declined because he got a new card. With his new card number that he provided, we started another recurring payment plan. This is a separate order number, and I just want to make sure it doesn't try to charge him twice the next time.

    The new order number is: f07b241b-ca15-4f49-8430-d4669f3d1f90

    The old order number/plan was: 35551-171028100558095

    Could you give insight into this and also tell about the proper way to implement a new credit card/payment method

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    Good day @Bluehenjeff

    We reviewed and found that you have updated the same recurring with new credit card information and that is the correct way in case of expired credit card.

    Please refer to the following KB article: to Edit/Update a recurring transaction

    Since, the last instalment dated on 10/28/2017 was declined, you may want to charge the card for the previous instalment by clicking on charge next button on the page.

    However, we also noticed that the next instalment date is the past date i.e. 11/15/2017, you will need to change that for any future date to charge the card for its future instalments.

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