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Receipt for Connect Campaign coming from Salesforce Autoresponder

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  • Receipt for Connect Campaign coming from Salesforce Autoresponder

    Organization ID 00DG0000000kvMh, C&P Account 17483. I am having a problem with receipts being sent out for the wrong event. I was on with support yesterday, and thought we had fixed it, but today it is worse. I am unable to be on support tomorrow, so I am attempting to explain this very complicated situation.

    Order # 17483-1711141619110102346 was for the connect campaign "Bowling 2017." This is a donation only campaign with no ticket sales. However, both the donor and the internal distribution list received a Trivia (event name: KEEN St. Louis Music Trivia 2017, set up in C&P Events, not set up in Connect, has ticket sales) auto-responder email as the receipt.

    I would like Trivia supporters to get the trivia receipt, the bowlers to get the bowling receipt, and the internal distribution on both to go to [email protected]. The system default receipt does not need to be sent in either case. Instead, this Bowling transaction generated three different receipts for the same transaction: one from Trivia, one from Bowling, and one from the System Default. Not sure why I can't upload the image URL for the trivia receipt, but you should be able to view it here. (The auto responder for trivia sent this to the customer, as you can see by the "sent to" email address which I have obscured.)

    I really would like to make it a project this year to have very nice looking, customized receipts going out for all my campaigns, but every time I try to run two different receipts simultaneously, I have had issues, so I generally just stick with the system default.

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    Good day @Kate

    Please see the Trivia responder you have set:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Trivia.jpg
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Size:	139.9 KB
ID:	36121

    There is NO condition other then you see in above screen shot. Autoresponder fires based on the conditions and since it satisfied the conditions for the above order number, autoresponder will be sent. You may need set some more conditions to the above autoresponder to fire for specific transactions.

    Regarding the Connect receipt, you have set to send the receipt to the respective Campaign:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Campaign Receipt settings.jpg
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Size:	102.0 KB
ID:	36122

    If you don't want to send the Connect receipt to the respective Campaign, you may select "None - DO NOT SEND RECEIPT". Same applies to the internal notification settings.

    Hope that makes sense. Please check and let us know if you have any questions.
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      Totally understood on the autoresponder "AND" setting for campaign. I think that should be resolved. I'll watch Connect and see if I've got that correct. Many thanks.