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Reconciling C&P Deposits in our bank account

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  • Reconciling C&P Deposits in our bank account

    Hi C&P Support,

    I am trying to help our accounting department navigate our new C&P connect platform.

    One thing they would like is a detailed list of the contributions that make up the deposit from C&P each day. In checking the forum I found this:

    1. Sorry we don't have a report based on deposits but we have a report on the deposits based on per day. You can run a report on deposits by following the steps listed in this link:

    The problem is the link says the article has not been translated into English.

    Perhaps you can provide me with a link that does give me the steps to create a report of deposits based upon the day.

    Thank you!

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    Good day @Be in Health

    Sorry but as of now we don't have that report in our system which is the reason you see that link was taken down. You may need to contact TSYS for deposit report:

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