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Additional Fee v. the Donation Amount for Fundraiser Totals

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  • Additional Fee v. the Donation Amount for Fundraiser Totals

    Currently, when a donor gives to the Fundraiser's campaign and they opt to pay the additional fee, the amount of the donation + the additional fee is added to the Fundraiser's total that they see on their Fundraising Page, specifically, under the My Supporter column on their Global Profile. See the My Supporter attachment.

    But I don't want the additional fee to count towards the Fundraiser's total because the additional fee is like an expense reimbursement and the donation is going towards a program. Is there a way in Connect to specify what is to be included in the fundraising totals and what the Fundraiser sees under My Supporters?

    Also, for Fundraiser notification receipts, there is not a merge field option that tells the fundraiser just the amount of the donation. There are only field options for the Deductible Amount and the Total Charged, which both include the donation + the additional fee.

    If there isn't a way currently to alter these rollup values on Connect, I think it'd be a cool feature addition in the future!

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    Good day @edejong

    The above feature you are requesting to has been considered and hopefully will be implemented in the upcoming releases. As of now there is NO ETA.
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