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Difficulty with images in Forms

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  • Difficulty with images in Forms

    I'm having difficulty replacing the sample images in the giving forms. When I upload the image on to the server and select it I see an image with a red "X" in the image properties preview, if I click <Ok> the image disappears from the form entirely.

    What is the optimal size and resolution for an image?

    Is there a particular format that works better than others?

    Is there a limit to the number of images that I can add to the server?

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    Good day @Be in Health
    • There is no optimal size and resolution. It will auto adjust the width/height of the image if its more than the container size.
    • We recommend the common image formats: JPG and PNG.
    • There is no such limit to store the images.
    Would you please share the form name as well as the image you are trying to upload so that we can review whats going on?

    Note: Please upload the image here in this forum in JPG format as PNG does not show it in full scale.

    Looking forward to hear back from you.
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      The first form I created there was no problem, which was template #3. I was able to upload my images and replace the sample images with mine.

      The second from I created, which was template #4, did not allow me to replace the sample image. When I tried to replace the image the image properties box had a red block with a white "x" (see screenshot). The image that I was trying to use is the Henry&amp;DonnaWebPic.

      Then I decided that I needed to replace one of the images on the first form I created with one that had a higher resolution and it would not allow me to do that either. The image for template #3 is the Katie, Aaron and Caleb for C&amp;P image.
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        Problem solved. I was showing this problem to one of the other staff members here and they knew what the issue was as soon as they saw the name on the image. I had used the "&" symbol when I saved one image and I used a "," when I saved the other image. I now know that one cannot use any special characters when naming an image for upload to a website.