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  • Middle Intial in Connect Form

    We are using a Connect Form to process donations. It works very well except that there seems to be no provision for a middle initial or name in the pre-built form. We were previously using Gravity which did allow us to have a Middle Initial. Is MI possible with Connect? If so, how?

    The form is here:

    Sorry, this is my first post on the forum, I don't even know if this is the right forum. Any guidance welcome.

    Thanks... Bob

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    Good day @msgBldr

    Sorry that not possible in the current system.

    You have posted to the "Salesforce Donor Management" channel instead of Connect. I have moved your post to the correct channel.
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      Thanks for the response. Are there plans to include this?

      (I wondered why I never saw my post appear. I'll try to get it right next time.)



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        Good day msgBldr

        We actually have that in the database as a field and it was part of our original form but clients kept asking to minimize the form and remove fields so we removed it.

        We can always consider making it an option.. but more fields, more entries.. more involvement with a form which always is less desirable than a smaller form requiring less involvement.
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