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  • Customize URL on Campaign Payment Form

    I love the connect platform, except that it doesn't allow for a test form, it is very user friendly and easy to use.

    I am working on rebuilding all of my campaign donation pages so they have matching formatting. I noticed that my URL by default has the key words click and pledge and connect, etc. but is not branded for my organization. Is it possible to have a vanity URL or some sort of branding added to all of my campaign payment forms by default?

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    Good day RMHamdan

    The problem with a "vanity" URL is the SSL key. Providing SSL key for each client to have their own domain name requires a lot of understanding of SSL and associated files by our clients, a task that is not easily manageable.

    If you have an SSL key on your site you may want to use the new overlay forms. Using the new overlay form you will be able to see your own domain but the form opens as an overlay on your site.

    For example:

    In the above page click on any of the links and watch the URL.

    We strongly recommend that you add an SSL key to your page and make sure site secure so the end user does not doubt your page's security. The form that opens is encrypted and has a 256 bit key so the security is not an issue. If you add your own SSL key to your site you will ensure the perception is also correct.

    Hope that helps.
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