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  • Translating campaign to Salesforce

    I have a Connect Campaign with multiple forms. The campaign has a Salesforce campaign information in it, and each form has a separate Salesforce (sub)campaign marked in it. However, when I choose the Connect Campaign and Form Name on the Virtual Terminal it does not translate (for lack of a better term) to the Salesforce campaign put in the form or the Connect Campaign. Am I missing something?
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    Good day ndlugajczyk

    This one is a bit of a problem for us as well. We have designed this so the campaign in Salesforce is the one that posts - that gives you more flexibility so you can have control at the VT.

    We will make a change in the system (understanding the confusion) so in the absence of the Salesforce campaign as entered in VT, the form's setting should take priority. This change will be in an upcoming release.
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      Thank you. Do you have any approximation of the next release?


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        Good day @ndlugajczyk

        That has been already updated. Please test it and let us know if you find any issues.
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          Yes, it worked perfectly on the account that I tested. Thank you! If I run into any hiccups I will be sure to let you know.