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Problems saving new forms?

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  • Problems saving new forms?

    Hello -- Im having significant difficulties getting our first fundraising form to save. After multiple attempts at creating it (using template #6) anytime I saved I just got the rotating blue box -- and it literally never went away or saved, while leaving it in the background for hours. I've read/watched all the tutorials, cleared my cache, attempted it in multiple browsers and amongst multiple staff on my team. Nobody can get this thing to save, even in small increments. The only thing we've been able to get to save is the initial starting template with no changes made -- and even that took more than 5-mins of spinning blue box before it did so.

    Help? Thanks.

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    Good day @nickpassanante

    We have created a test form in your account (using template #6) and found NO issues with Saving. Also, we have updated text in your existing form and found NO issues either (We have reverted back the changes):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Save Form.jpg
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    However, would you please do the following steps:
    • Edit the form
    • When the form is open in edit mode click on Control + F5 (this removes the cache)
    I understand you say you have done this but may I ask that you do this again.
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