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Question about Custom Receipts and Social Media

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  • Question about Custom Receipts and Social Media

    In our campaigns, we'd like to create a custom receipt. In the 'campaign details' under 'receipt information, it says that 'Receipt templates may be built in Settings > Receipt > Receipt Builder'. I can't seem to find the receipt builder, can you direct me where to find that?

    Also, it would be great to harness social media after a donor contributes money to our campaign. With the form builder, would there be a way we can feature a 'share this campaign' or 'share this organization' button on the thank you page that appears after a donor submits a payment?

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    Have you found the Settings App? In the top right corner of the Connect screen, there is a 4-square icon to access different 'apps'. You would click on Settings. There will be a menu item in the left column for Receipt, with a plus sign next to it. Click there to expand the options under receipt to be Receipt Builder and Receipt number. The receipt builder is similar to the form builder in that there are templates. Click select to choose a template. and that will open a new tab where you can modify it. Once modified, click save, and you would then have a saved receipt show up under the templates (use the refresh button to see the newly saved receipt).

    To add a Share link to your Thank you screen, open the form with Form Builder, click the 'Thank You message' . Then you have a little text editor where you can upload and define its link.

    Hope that helps ~ C&P Support
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