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    We have received several reports over the holidays of donors receiving Invalid Data Errors on our forms. Specifically this form -

    Here is an example from an email I received;

    "I thought you should know that I am not able to renew my membership on your website.
    It keeps telling me I have invalid phone number, then invalid zip code, then no first name….
    It could just be me, but I have tried over a few days and am having no problem with other donation sites."
    (Donor was using Safari, has common ZIP code)

    We also had a major donor (and a few others) call to say that he received an Invalid ZIP code message, despite the fact that he has a very common ZIP code. I have not been able to duplicate this error in any of my testing.

    Are we the only ones seeing this issue?



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    Good day joeyWTA

    May I ask that you post these questions to the Connect channel. I will move the post to the proper channel.
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      Good day @joeyWTA

      We have tested the form in all the latest versions as well as the previous last 4 versions of all the browsers (including Safari) in Windows and Mac but unable to replicate the issue.

      It would be great if you please let us know the exact scenario in which they see the above issue.
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