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Unable to save donation forms to inactive campaigns

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  • Unable to save donation forms to inactive campaigns

    This may be related to the following post:

    I cannot save a form created under an inactive campaign. When I click on "save form", the only campaign options presented for saving will be for active campaigns. Clicking on save at that point will save the form to the active campaign, with the form details appropriate to that campaign, and my edits to the form will be lost.

    This prevents me from working in the following way to develop new forms and campaigns:
    1. Clone existing campaign
    2. Make campaign clone inactive
    3. Make campaign details changes
    4. Edit form and save to campaign clone
    5. Upon approval, activate campaign clone and deactivate original campaign

    I should note that in the inactive campaign, I made the primary campaign the same as the campaign I had cloned - I'm trying out different ways of asking the questions that populate my campaign.

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    Good day @pflagpdx

    We see what you are referring to. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience,
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