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Matching Gift Option in Payment Forms

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @ndlugajczyk

    Sorry, as of now it is not an option to edit that text but I have forwarded this to our developers to see if they can include the edit option in upcoming releases.

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  • ndlugajczyk
    started a topic Matching Gift Option in Payment Forms

    Matching Gift Option in Payment Forms

    Is there a way for someone - Click and Pledge or Double the Donation - to change the information under the Matching Gift section of the Payment forms. Currently is says "Find out if your employer offers a matching gift program." This does not make sense. If the donor types in a name of a company nothing happens. How do they know that if just because a company name comes up that means the company matches. Unless they happen to types something that does not come up, they would have no idea what typing anything in means; they get no information, or URL to transfer to, or anything. The only use I see from this is to let Salesforce know, in the case of that integration, that the donation has a matching gift...and I see nothing (as a donor) that tells me I am telling someone else that I am making a matching gift.