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    I discovered the confusing way (because I couldn't find any documentation on it) that the way to clone a payment form is to edit an existing one, click Save, and then click Save As. This is unintuitive to me, especially since the Save command usually means to me "update the existing file."

    Regardless, can you add a clone button to the saved forms? There's currently room for a fifth icon at the bottom of each form thumbnail.

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    Good day wtben

    The "clone" button is an invention of Salesforce. Those not in Salesforce are used to SAVE and SAVE AS. When in Word you open a file you may save it or save it as a new name. We have followed the same analogy.

    The word Update has a more clear meaning in our context since the form exists already and you are simply updating it. If you wish to create a copy then simply open it (just like one does in other desktop applications) and save it as a new name.

    Hope that helps.
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      I hear your logic. However, on computers, there are usually at least two ways to perform an action. In this case, one is to open a file and save it as something else. Another is to duplicate the file first and then open the copy. I'm asking for the latter functionality.

      You don't have to call it "clone," however that's the word you used in the Connect release notes when you introduced the feature last month. You have offered the same ability in Portal to date with a button that duplicates an existing checkout page.

      Regarding "update," I think we disagree about what I was saying. I totally get what the Update button means. I was taking issue with Save leading to choices of Save As and Update when I'm used to it exclusively meaning Update.