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Fraud settings in new CNP portal

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    Good day bigbluepancake

    You may have unlimited number of fraud profiles. Fraud profiles are assigned to specific campaigns. Once a custom profile has been assigned to a campaign that profile will be used. In the absence of a custom profile the default (Click & Pledge) profile will be used.

    Please be advised that when using custom profile your organization accepts all liabilities for fraud and any fraudulent transactions that may hit your campaign.

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    Hope this answers your question.

    Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.

    BTW: I will move this post to the Connect peer-to-peer channel. You had posted this to the checkout pages which is the legacy Portal channel.

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  • bigbluepancake
    started a topic Fraud settings in new CNP portal

    Fraud settings in new CNP portal

    Hi, if I create a new fraud profile and then set it to Active, will it take precedence over the "Default Profile"?

    I am asking because it seems there is no way to disable the read-only "Default Profile".
    As such, I end up with 2 active profiles - the "Default Profile" and the one I newly created.

    Since there are now 2 active profiles, how are the fraud rules reconciled? Let's say "Default Profile" enables a particular AVS rule, but my newly created profile disables the same rule, then ultimately what is the state of that rule - disabled or enabled?