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    Hello, this is another question discussed on Live Chat today and last week.

    We ran a crowd-funding campaign on C&P before we integrated with Salesforce so we have a number old fundraisers associated with our organization that should no longer be featured on our organization page. We typically only enlist fundraisers for one event per year, our Dance-A-Thon so they are not at all representative of our funding base.

    The campaign they were associated with is now inactive, but they still show up on our leaderboard. I would gladly deactivate all of them to start with a clean slate but they would receive an email if I did. (I have tested this and confirmed the email comes through.)

    Can we a) remove the leaderboard from our organizational page? and b) completely deactivate old fundraisers without them receiving notification?

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    Good day @amyjfiore

    Please see below:

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    By unchecking those checkbox's the leaderboard will hide from the page. However, as of now we don't have an option to deactivate the fundraisers without sending the notification.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      This did not remove the leaderboard on our organization page. I have two unsolved issues posted on this forum. Can someone please call me? REMOVED FOR PRIVACY
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        Good day amyjfiore

        The feature you are requesting is a new feature which was requested during the office hour.

        This feature is not yet released and one that is still under development. No ETA for release. We will update the news release posts when this update is available.
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