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    Hi, I asked you about this during the live chat today (and last week). We are only seeking fundraisers for a particular campaign and want the welcome letter to include a link them to their "campaign fundraiser" link and not just their {fundraiserlink}. Is that other merge field possible?

    Thank you.

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    Good day @amyjfiore

    Sorry, as of now we are not allowing this campaign link along with the fundraiser activation email.
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      When I spoke with Kamran on live chat he said, twice, that he would be able to do this... I have been patiently waiting over a week for this to be solved. Can someone please call me? REMOVED FOR PRIVACY
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        Good day!

        This feature is in the pipeline to be added. Updating and adding features is not an overnight undertaking. At office hour this request was submitted for addition and is in the works. We do not have an ETA but it is under development.

        We will update the forum once this update has completed.

        Updating a platform cannot possibly be done in a day. It requires development, testing, load simulation, etc. We always take requests seriously and include them in the development queue and once the update is complete we will update the forum.

        Sorry for any confusion. You spoke with me at the office hour and I know the feature is being worked on but no ETA for release.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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          I wish that was made clearer on the live chat. We specifically spoke about my timeline and you never said that it wouldn't be possible to meet our needs.


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            Good day amyjfiore

            Sorry for the misunderstanding. Please I would like to make sure you realize what is involved with a feature request that directly affects all clients.
            • We have clients that show all their fundraisers all the time.
            • We have clients that have lifetime leaders that want to be shown on the website
            You are requesting that when a campaign has ended the fundraisers should disappear. This has implications as follows:
            • What should happen to the fundraiser's global stats. A fundraiser may raise money for many organizations and as such his/her global page shows all funds that have been raised. Omitting a campaign will be reflected on the amount of money someone has raised. One morning a fundraiser wakes up and sees their global stats has dropped by $5000.
            • What should the organization's stats be? What should happen in Salesforce, if you are using it?
            Given all the variations, the administrative system has to be modified with options for:
            • Include the fundraiser's stats in All campaigns
            • Include the fundraiser's stats in Active campaigns only.
            This of course limits the ability to make this selection a campaign by campaign basis so we have to determine what other clients may want to do given the feature.

            Please note that Click & Pledge has over 20K clients worldwide. A feature request requires a lot of discussion and analysis of implications on other features. A feature has to be backward compatible so we do not cause havoc with all clients as soon as it goes live.

            Currently the design team is reviewing the options to add this to a release but the portal platform has to change and the connect pages also have to be updated. This is a major feature with implications throughout the system. We do our best to help our clients but we also ask our clients to appreciate the complexity of their requests and what we have to do to make it happen. This is not an Excel formula to be added to a single sheet for single client.

            We will update you once the update is available.
            Click & Pledge Support Department

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              I understand and appreciate the time you've taken to spell this out for me. I also would have understood if you had just said something along those lines when I logged into live chat twice. But the rushed 30 minutes of live help makes your understanding of issues and clear communication of solutions nearly impossible. It sets you up for misunderstanding, miscommunication, and frustrated customers. With 20K users worldwide, there needs to be an easier way to communicate a question and get a simple answer, even if the answer is "no". It took a full 7 business days to receive my answer and there was a lot of misinformation in between.

              Some suggestions:
              1) Make the link to THIS forum clearer to Connect users. The main forum page is overwhelming and to casual users, it is not apparent where to go to find the right place.
              2) Vary the time of the live chat. I work from home and have kids. Logging in at 3pm is extremely difficult and required getting a babysitter to get them from school twice.
              3) Clarify the difference between the support desk/tickets and the live chat/forums. I have been communicating with both to get my problem solved and there doesn't seem to be any communication or crossover between your departments, even though they're listed together on the help page. It took three exchanges with them to figure that out.
              4) Be careful with what you say on live chat. "yes, we can do that" leads us to understand that our problem will be solved in a short amount of time.

              Thank you for trying and for getting back to me. I look forward to the changes when they are ready.



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                Good day amyjfiore

                New Release:

                The campaign fundraiser link has been added as a variable.

                Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
                Click & Pledge Support Department

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                  Thank you!