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C&P Patron Rank- what information do I lose if I disable?

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  • C&P Patron Rank- what information do I lose if I disable?

    Hi C&P community,

    I'm doing some data storage management and C&P Patron Rank is occupying quite a bit of our Salesforce storage. This isn't a function that I use (I think!) -- we don't use the peer-to-peer functionality of Connect. I can't find very much documentation about C&P Patron Rank's utility. This article is all I could find, but it's not much help:

    If I disable C&P Patron Rank, what data am I liable to lose?

    Many thanks for your help!

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    Good day BicycleColorado :

    If you disable the 'C&P Patron Rank' functionality, the data at object 'C&P Patron Rank' will be purged.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      Thanks for your quick response. I guess my question is perhaps a little more basic-- what is the function of the C&P Patron Rank object? I honestly don't know anything about what it means or does, so I'm not sure what I will lose if I purge that data.


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        Good day Bicycle Colorado !

        Is this question related to this post:

        Please see:

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