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Separate instances of CnP for SF sandbox and production

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  • Separate instances of CnP for SF sandbox and production

    We are building different types of donation pages and testing them in our Salesforce sandbox.
    When we move them into Production, we will need to connect our CnP instance back to production.
    At that point, if I understand correctly, we will need a second instance of CnP to continue our development work.
    1. Is that correct?
    2. If so, then how do we quickly acquire a second instance? Who do we contact?

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    Good day!

    A C&P account posts to a single Salesforce account and once connected to a production Salesforce account it will no longer post to a Sandbox account.

    If you are developing forms you may put them in TEST mode but they will post to your production Salesforce account. Test forms will process test credit cards and the feature is designed to help with development.

    Clients are not eligible for test accounts and as such you can only use production C&P accounts.

    If you need additional accounts please apply for a second account.
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