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Using the Widget in an iFrame - bootstrap css rule changes

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  • Using the Widget in an iFrame - bootstrap css rule changes

    We had been trying to use the widget on an iframe on our site to allow donations to be processed. We ran into the following problem:

    The problem with the form that we're where using on comes from click and pledge payment widget and their use of the bootstap CSS rule .pull-right on the <select> <option> menu that shows and hides the expiration dates. It is currently being forced float: right !important; which causes the Security Number (CVV) input element to move up and over effectively covering up the users click area that toggles the select menu. . So the way it is right now its possible to open up the expiration date menu but you have to click on the top 1/8 of the select menu to open it because that's the only part that isn't covered by the Security Number element.

    We had to revert back to one of the other forms to allow uses to select the expiration date menu and change the year. I don't think we can use the widget until those are fixed. Would it be possible to get those adjusted so we can use the widget. (we want to use it because of the responsive design - other payment forms don't have that).


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    Good day!

    Please provide a screen shot of what you are referring to as I can't quite figure out the issue.
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      I am working on having the developer setup the page again - since this didn't work we used a different page in production for the year end donations.