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Safari Browser issue?

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  • Safari Browser issue?

    Is there an issue with entering fields from Safari for donations? The user was able to enter the same data and process a donation for our fundraiser's Connect page (for New Jersey Marathon 2016) via Chrome, but was unable to enter field values to the point of processing the transaction via Safari? Don't know version offhand.

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    Good day!

    I am not sure what you mean by "unable to". Chrome browser updates automatically and is platform independent, for the most part. Apple & Microsoft have a tendency to stop updating their own browsers on their own machines, e.g. Safari and IE. Old versions of Safari are no longer compliant per PCI requirements. Please see:

    All applications are always tested against the latest browsers and the beta releases and we are compliant with all browsers: IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Safari. As stated we test the current version as well as the beta versions prior to taking any app live.

    If you let us know which version the patron has had issue with we can test it and determine the root cause.
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      She fills in the fields and tries to submit it. It tells her there an email address is required. But the email address has been filled in with a proper address. Will have to get the Safari version Monday most likely.